Day 1 of GSoC

Had a quick chat with my mentor, John. We dived into things that need to be done pretty quickly. Key points from our conversation which are relevant to this project were:

1) Existing work on Language Server (per keystroke diagnosis) by an existing GSoC student. Where he handled a lot of work in “shelling out” coala so that coala doesn’t run on the entire project but only on specified files is an integral part which will prove to be useful for me. Touching bases with the author and looking into this project is definetly something I should do.

2) A desire to re-evaluate my current choice of editors for which maintained plugins will be made. Prior to the conversation, I was keen on focussing on just basic vim, atom and sublime-text. It quickly became apparent that although it may satisfy the requirements for the completion of this project, practically it doesn’t seem to be too desirable. Editors like spyder are widely being used when working with practical recent developments in machine learning alongside other pythonic development environments like pycharm. Also, different forks of vi/vim (neovim, vim8) could probably have a single plugin with minimal modifications required to get things working.

3) Continuous-integration using opensuse vs debian build-system. I’ll have to look into this as it’s something that I haven’t worked with before before I write up on it.

Conclusions revolved around having multiple editors in a single repository if it’s a possibility which was a part of my initial proposal, getting testing modules working and figuring out ways I could combine this project with other work I’m currently doing.

I’ll touch bases with my mentor again on Friday, by when I should have a more concrete path of where this project is heading.

That’s all for now :)