Phase - 1 (Part 1): Spyder QT Widget

This phase mainly comprises of work being done with spyder. In order to integrate coala within spyder, we had to follow 4 major steps.

During this phase we’re working on building coala-spyder.

This GUI interface can be independently tested as a stand-alone entity.

coala-spyder widget

Main components of this widget to ensure it’s working correctly were:

1) Setup and Drop-down menu for selecting file to run coala on

To realise this part, I modified run_coala_with_specific_file to create a desired output that would support spyder and QT for the format which could be parsed with ease using regex. I also went through documentation extensively of relevant python-QT components for creating the GUI, following the structure of existing plugins developed for spyder.

Relevant commits: 3336053 | 04f288e | 6a58e83 | 80233a5

2) Displaying the results from coala for the corresponding file as output

This section revolved around bringing the output from coala to the python-QT widget.

Relevant commits: c706485

3) Capturing the output of coala and piping it to match the required regex to be reflected on the GUI Tree component.

This part involved matching the outputs from the previous section to reflect the actual desirable end result that the user will see.

Relevant commits: 249e2b4 | 0c8dbb3 | a824316

4) Clean-up

Got rid of some the messy stuff in my code although it still needs work.

Relevant commits: e5f75b3 | 31b315e