Phase - 1 (Part 2) : coala-spyder in Spyder-IDE

This part follows from my previous blog post where I set up the python-QT widget. I now integrate the previously created widget into the spyder IDE and also work on setting up continuous integration and unittests by using pytest.

During this phase we’re working on building coala-spyder.

Main components of this widget to ensure it’s working correctly are:

1. Integrating coala-spyder widget with coala-spyder IDE

coala menu

coala in IDE

This part involved integrating our widget into the actual spyder-ide, and also being able to run it from the menu and setting up a shortcut key-binding to envoke it.

Relevant changes: 15aab50

2. Unittesting - Pytest

Areas have been identified for which tests need to be created. This includes writing some unittests which test the functions of the expected output of our single file for which we are running coala on, the widgets and the interface between the spyder-ide and our widget i.e. the plugin. Complete coverage for this has not yet been achieved.

Relevant changes: 63d0a51

3. Continuous Integration

The continuous integration environment has successfully been setup to run tests which are created for coala spyder. For this I have chosen to use travis-CI and I have setup the required .travis.yml configuration file.

Relevant commits & changes: b0fce00, travis-CI