Phase - 2 : Refining areas of key importance

After a talk with my mentor, John, I obtained a few hints on the right direction and which activities would prove to be most useful in helping coala as an organization.

First off, my existing work on coala-spyder from the previous phase will be reported to the spyder community and an advanced copy of my previous blog posts will be provided to them, if furthering that mission is important to them. If not, we can still maintain coala-spyder as a repository within coala.

Moving onto issues that’re of more importance to coala, we have a major problem where plugins are built and abandoned quite often. To ensure maintenance, if we take a step back to ensure that the package managers and the actual frameworks are being installed without issues, we can say with some degree of certainty that the plugin will work properly.

Work done in this phase will involve a series of bug fixing on existing coala plugins to make sure that they are in a working state before proceeding further.