publications by categories in reversed chronological order.


  1. A Smart System to Generate and Validate Question Answer Pairs for COVID-19 Literature
    Bhambhoria, Rohan, Feng, Luna, Sepehr, Dawn, Chen, John, Cowling, Conner, Kocak, Sedef, and Dolatabadi, Elham
    In Proceedings of the First Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing 2020
  2. The Gap between Deep Learning and Law: Predicting Employment Notice
    Lam, Jason T., Bhambhoria, Rohan, Liang, David, Zhu, Xiaodan, and Dahan, Samuel
    In ICML 2020 Workshop on Law & Machine Learning (LML) 2020


  1. EU Courts and Data Science: The Case of Trademark Likelihood of Confusion
    Dahan, Samuel, Bhambhoria, Rohan, Townsend, Simon, and Zhu, Xiaodan
  2. AI-Powered Trademark Dispute Resolution. Expert’s Opinion commissioned by the European Union Intellectual Property Office
    Dahan, Samuel, Zhu, Xiaodan, Bhambhoria, Rohan, Alvi, Alizeh, Rizor, Anton, Xu, Anna, Moholia, Daniel, and Rajasekeran, Harindra